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The Fondazione InSé Onlus has inherited strong know-how and experience from the association "Amici di Cortina" and will mainly focus its efforts to help the youngest and women

It is not a coincidence that six of the Millennium Development Goals refer explicitly to infancy. Helping children to achieve their full potential is the best investment in the progress of humanity. The interventions undertaken in the first, crucial years of childhood determine to a great extend the physical, intellectual and affective development of the adults of tomorrow. In fact, investing in children today means accelerating the accomplishment of future goals related to the struggle against poverty. Furthermore, women have an enormous impact on the well-being of families and society. Their potential, however, is by far not realised to its full extend due to social and economic norms that discriminate them as well as juridical obstacles. Their insertion in the productive layer of society means therefore to  actively contribute to economic growth and to striking roots for a more equilibrated and solidly united community.

The principal activities of the Foundation are oriented towards two geographical areas – Africa and Italy: Africa, as it is the continent neglected by the debates and the political agenda of the great world powers and Italy, as it is important to act on one's own territory of cultural belonging.
The Fondazione InSé Onlus therefore intends to: 
  • promote initiatives related to the support, the professional formation, and the personality development of youth, offering educational assistance and encouragement on decisions related to studies and activities to engage in (craftsmanship, professional, and academic careers); 
  • organise and  realise projects in favour of young women in developing countries, with a particular attention to the Africa, so that they can obtain an adequate cultural and educational level as well as better technical, operative and managerial capacities; 
  • operate some specific projects also under the strategic guidelines directed at the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals; 
  • search and initiate potential cooperation with other entities and agencies interested in the support of the above-mentioned projects, by carrying out planning, coordination and realisation of those. 
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